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The FAP-1001 is designed for fruit & vegetable processing operations & high volume kitchens allowing operators to maintain premium quality finished product while increasing yields and lowering labor costs. 

The highest capacity unit offered, it has 3 rotating prong mounts, when in proper cadence with an operator it can move a thousand pieces an hour. It has over twice the production capabilities as our KA-700 model. It will instantly increase the productivity of a fresh cut production line or prep station. Coupled with an automated release function, the integrity of the finish product is maintained with minimal human contact.

It can be table mounted or mounted to our mobile rolling stand to maximize its functionality. For large hotels, resorts, convention centers and casinos that might have multiple kitchens or prep areas, this allows the equipment to be used laterally by different kitchens and staff to achieve maximum prep efficiency & ROI. 

Designed to withstand cold temperatures of fresh cut produce rooms and durable enough to withstand rigid cleaning & sanitation protocols the FAP-1001 is a productivity driving machine. 

Offering the same simple style touch navigation as the our other models, using symbol buttons to help with easy user comprehension. Featuring custamizable user settings to reduce errors and maximize yields.

The FAP-1001 shares the same holding prongs and blade arrangements as the smaller KA-700, allowing operators using both models the cross utilize components.

Each FAP-1001 model comes with 3 holding prongs & 4 different blades to provide users the ability to easily change what product is being peeled. ​

  • Round 3 Prong - For use on harder items: Apples, Beets, Onions, Potatoes

  • Flat 3 Prong - For use on soft flesh & stone items: Kiwis, Peaches, Lemons

  • Citrus 5 Prong - For use with Oranges, Grapefruits, Mangoes

  • Peeler Flat Medium Blade (F-3) - Apples, Beets, Mangoes, Pears

  • Peeler Saw Extra Thick Blade (S-1) - Grapefruits, Oranges, Onions

  • Peeler Saw Thick Blade (S-2) - Kiwis, Peaches, Nectarine

  • Peeler Saw Medium Blade (S-3) - Zesting Citrus

Blades for the FAP-1001 are disposable with varying run lives depending on the product being peeled.

Additional blades and holding prongs can be purchased from our online store:

*Operations Manual comes in English & Spanish

FAP-1001 Specification Sheet



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