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Hotels, Resorts, CASINOS & banquets

Preparation for feeding hundreds or thousands of people at banquets and events, kitchens can't afford to be inefficient. Get the most productivity from staff and product that looks first class. 

There is also inherent entertainment value and an opportunity to show off to customers as well. The KA-700 model is compact enough to be placed on a breakfast buffet or interactive chef station where patrons can select a fruit to be peeled to order. Makes cutting supremes easy or beautiful slices for plating presentation. Get diners excited to eat fresh fruit. 

value added Produce Distributors & groceries

Fresh-Cuts production floors are extremely labor intensive and with heavy labor shortages production volume can be affected. The FAP-1001 & KA-750 are capable of immediately increasing throughput and increasing yields with the staff currently employed. Additionally the flexibility and versatility can create new offerings for customers that might have been cost prohibitive prior due to labor constraints and costs.


Cruise Lines & Marine Vessels

When space is limited and your trying to prepare large volumes of food any way to make that space more efficient is valuable. The compact design of the KA-700 and standard 120V plugs makes the counter top model efficient for use and can be easily stored & moved. It is USPHS certified for marine vessels ensuring guests health and safety are not compromised

Distillery & Craft Spirits

The ability to perfectly zest citrus makes the KA-700 & FAP-1001 excellent tools for distilleries or operations making infused spirits. The blades precision peels full ribbons of zest with minimal bitter pith.

For companies producing Limoncello or Arancello, traditional peeling machines can run over $100,000 and require large foot prints and training as well as operating costs. Our production model can zest a thousand pieces of citrus an hour with a percentage of the space and energy.

Military Food Service & DISASTER RELIEF

Feeding thousands of hungry troops is no easy feat, and the preparation behind that requires a small army in itself. Help with some relief in the kitchen by utilizing the full ASTARA Inc. lineup and maximize the efficiency and capabilities of prep staff.

Healthcare & child nutrition programs

Providing fresh fruits and vegetables to food borne illness vulnerable populations like seniors and children can be expensive but our line of automated peeling makes the job cost effective, easy and promotes safety with minimal product contact.

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