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A compact sleek design, adjustable and extremely effecient the KA-700 Peel-A-Ton by ASTRA Inc. is a labor saving device that peels with the precision first class chefs dream of. 

Intuitive & functional the KA-700 is simple to use allowing for quick and easy training for any skill level employee.

Select the fruit or vegetable from the customizable settings and GO! Easy to operate with simple touch navigation. The unit comes preprogramed with 13 of the most common produce items. For operations requiring specific items, those can be designated and uploaded via WiFi to the unit. If an operation has specific people who only work on specific items, it can be setup for individuals so that they are always on the correct setting.

For safety the KA-700 is a single cycle manually run machine. That means the machine will only perform one cycle and will not continue to rotate without the user hitting the run button.

Using the Zesting Blade the KA-700 can perfectly zest entire pieces of citrus in a single pass with minimal pith. Bartenders will love the ability to make fresh garnishes for cocktails or ribbons of zest for house made infused spirits.

From Peaches to Kiwis even Plums the KA-700 is both effective and gentle on the softest delicate fruits helping to maintain their integrity once peeled. The smooth clean finish helps reduction oxidation and discoloring, getting better shelf life from the final cut product. 

Each KA-700 model comes with 3 holding prongs & 4 different blades to provide users the ability to easily change what product is being peeled. ​

  • Round 3 Prong - For use on harder items: Apples, Beets, Onions, Potatoes

  • Flat 3 Prong - For use on soft flesh & stone items: Kiwis, Peaches, Lemons

  • Citrus 5 Prong - For use with Oranges, Grapefruits, Mangoes

  • Peeler Flat Medium Blade (F-3) - Apples, Beets, Mangoes, Pears

  • Peeler Saw Extra Thick Blade (S-1) - Grapefruits, Oranges, Onions

  • Peeler Saw Thick Blade (S-2) - Kiwis, Peaches, Nectarine

  • Peeler Saw Medium Blade (S-3) - Zesting Citrus

Blades for the KA-700 are disposable with varying run lives depending on the product being peeled.

Additional blades and holding prongs can be purchased from our online store:

*Operations Manual comes in English & Spanish


Model KA-700 & KA-750 Compliation
KA-700 Tomato
KA-700 Rutagabega
KA-700 Plum
KA-700 OrangeZest
KA-700 Nectarine
KA-700 Beet
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