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The multifunctional apple peeling machine AS 4 (table top model) is perfectly suited for processing a wide size range of apples (55 – 85 mm Ø):


Peeling, coring, wedging and / or slicing in one pass !

A spring-loaded knife adjusts automatically to provide a consistent result on uneven surfaces. The peeling thickness can be adjusted. It is simple to operate. Also, the slicing, segmenting and coring tools can be changed easily and very quickly.

OPERATION Up to 3 apples can be held at one time.

There is an easy three step process:

  • Place the apple on spindle and remove slices

  • Automatic peeling and slicing

  • Cutting the core out of the fruit and, if desired, dividing into bite-sized pieces with a wedging knife (e.g. for fruit salad and pie topping).

Machine can peel roughly 600 apples an hour!

Many wedge-stars available


We offer a large range of dividing stars to divide apples into

  • 2, 4, 6, 8 10, 12, 16 or 24 pieces

These can be changed easily. In addition, a corer with matching ejector is available.

Coring pipe for apple cores


Different core diameters are available depending on the size of the apple:

  • 20 mm with scraper

  • 23 mm with scraper

  • 27 mm with scraper

Perfect slicing quality


You can produce apples in different slicing thicknesses:

  • 3,5 mm

  • 4,5 mm

  • 5,5 mm

  • 7,5 mm

  • 10 mm

  • 14 mm

  • 20 mm

Funnel for separation of fruit and peel


  • This useful accessory separates fruit and peel - quick and clean!

  • The separation system is placed below the apple peeler.

  • No screw connection or similar.

  • Compact stainless steel design.

*Operations Manual comes in English & Spanish

AS4 Specification Sheet

Kronen AS4

Kronen AS4

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