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KA-750 Unit.JPG

For larger more difficult fruits and vegetables like: Pineapples, Papaya, Mangoes, Melons & Gourds we offer the KA-750 Pinepplator. A vertical peeling system that offers product yields 15%-20% higher vs traditional hand peeling.

With a spring tension arm and large Japanese flat steel blade there is minimal edible flesh removed or damaged during the peeling process. Following the curvature of the produce allows for maximum peel with minimal waste when compared to our competitors fixed ring system. 

The KA-750 comes with one of the following arm rig, holding prong & blade combination.

  • Pineapple Rig, Prong & Blade

  • Mango Rig, Prong & Blade

  • Small Melon Rig, Prong & Blade

  • Large Melon Rig, Prong & Blade

Blades for the KA-750 can be sharpened on a stone. Sharpening is suggested every 2,000 pieces to ensure best performance. 

Additional arm rigs, blades and holding prongs can be purchased from our online store:

KA-750 Specification sheet

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