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Butternut squash can be one of the most difficult and time consuming items to peel. The task can seem daunting with its thick skin, dense flesh and awkward shape. 

This machine is designed with a lath style system to be able to follow the contour of the awkward and dramatic shape of butternut squash.

With a rasp style blade the tough exterior flesh is shaved away with minimal damage to the edible flesh. The machine can handle butternut squash up to 16" long. Ends do NOT need to be cut prior to peeling, driving higher yields on usable product. 

The unit comes equipped with a full guard shield to protect the operator from debris or contact with the cutting surface while in use. Product is loaded in and out of the system one by one.  

There is no water or compressed air needed for operation, meaning the run cost are minimal electric costs. The power is  230V 1 Phase OR 110V 60Hz 1 Phase.


*Unit ships from Canada > Will incur a US Customs Duty/Tax

Mosur Butternut Squash Peeler

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